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Every year, since 2016, Torino Airport carries out a voluntary campaign to monitor the quality of both white and black water.

In 2019, a rainwater collector was completed to the north / east of the airport grounds, useful both for improving water management in the event of flood events and for completing the network for the supply of runway waters and connections to the airport first rain basins. and, subsequently, to the SMAT purification plant.

The grid of south rainwater collectors was optimized in 2019; in particular, the separation between the rainwater collection network and the irrigation channels that cross the grounds was improved.

In 2020, a new conveyance network dedicated to landside black water from the workshop area was created.

In the last three years, in order to reduce the waste of drinking water, various branches of the airport aqueduct have been completely rebuilt.

Well water is used in the terminal toilets.

The project for the new de-icing pitch, which will be built at the end of the year, includes a system of filters and tanks to collect rainwater to be reused for civil and industrial purposes (powering the yard sweeper, washing vehicles and equipment, irrigation of flower beds and hedges , refueling of fire-fighting vehicles).

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