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Airport Security Sytems

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Ministerial Decree 29/01/99 no. 85 entrusts SAGAT with managing the Airport Security Systems.

X-ray main activities


  • x-ray control (or similar apparatus) on hand luggage;
  • x-ray control (or similar apparatus) on hold luggage;
  • x-ray control (or similar apparatus) on transfer luggage;
  • x-ray control (or similar apparatus) on freight and mail.

Security controls carried out if required by airlines or airport authorities

  • Surveillance and identification of luggage alongside the plane by departing passengers;
  • Surveillance of parked airplane and control of access aboard;
  • Escort luggage, freight, catering and flight provisions to/from the airplane;
  • Escort weapons;
  • Custody, surveillance and escort of valuables to/from the airplane.

Any other surveillance activity or control required by airport authorities, as long as the intervention of public authorities or Police forces is not necessary.
EU Security Rules at Airports

To protect passengers against the threat of liquid explosives, the European Union (EU) has adopted security rules that restrict the amount of liquids that you can take through security checkpoints.

They apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU whatever their destination.

For information visit th Enac - Italian Civil Aviation Authority website.