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Turnaround Green

Aircraft turnaround at Turin Airport goes 100% green. Thanks to a fleet of electrically powered vehicles and sustainably defined airport procedures, Turin Airport reduces the environmental impact of aircraft ground handling operations, with the positive effect of zeroing CO2 emissions into the air for a better airport experience. 

The turnaround, i.e. the set of aircraft ground-handling operations required between flights, involves several phases of activity and each is handled with a different procedure and means. 

The fleet with electric motors available at Turin airport and supplied to SAGAT Handling, a company that provides ground services to airlines, includes several vehicles:


  • Baggage Carrier Tractor: useful for approaching vehicles requiring towing;
  • GPU-Ground Power Unit: mobile generator for powering the aircraft and its equipment when the engines are switched off;
  • passenger ladder: ladder for the descent/ascent of passengers to/from the aircraft
  • baggage conveyor belt: treadmill for loading/unloading checked baggage;
  • ambulift: lifting platform for boarding/alighting passengers with reduced mobility;
  • aircraft tractor or pushback: used to push the aircraft in reverse to exit from its parked position.
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Carrying out a turnaround with electric vehicles brings with it numerous advantages, first of all on the environmental front, as the pollutant emissions of around 1 quintal of CO2 resulting from the use of conventional diesel-powered vehicles for the entire process are reduced to zero. With this current availability of green vehicles, the reduced impact of CO2 emitted per day is equivalent to over 1 tonne.

The renewal of the airport fleet is a process that started a few years ago and the goal of the Turin airport is to have at least 40% hybrid or full electric powered vehicles by 2023

In addition to the current fleet, there is also an electric minivan dedicated to executive services in General Aviation and, shortly, an electric ambulance for the provision of on-board medical assistance.