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ACI EUROPE Airport Carbon Accreditation - Level 3

Turin Airport has been certified at Level 3 (Optimisation) of the Airport Carbon Accreditation environmental sustainability programme - the common protocol for the active management of greenhouse gas emissions at airports through measurable results - promoted by ACI Europe, the association of European airports. A step forward in Turin Airport's environmental sustainability strategy.

Level 3 certification requires the fulfilment of all accreditation requirements of Level 2 'Reduction' (which implies the preparation of an implementation plan to reduce carbon emissions), already achieved by Turin Airport in 2021. Moreover, Level 3 certification is characterised by the involvement of stakeholders starting with the preparation of a plan to involve the various actors operating at the airport (airlines, handlers, sub-concessionaires, passengers and territorial realities) in the emissions reduction process. The next target set for 2023 is the halving of CO2 emissions compared to the 2017 base year, guaranteed by investments to increase the efficiency of the most energy-intensive systems and the purchase of electricity only from certified renewable sources.

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