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Legal notices

Rev 01/2015


SAGAT S.p.A., Turin Airport managing company, has been on the Internet since 1996 through its institutional site, which since 2001 refers to the address


All the contents - texts, graphics, files, images and anything else published in any digital format - present on the site of SAGAT - Turin Airport are protected by copyright (arts. 65 and 101 Law no. 633 dated 22 April 1941 n. 633 and subsequent amendments).

The trademarks of products or services present on the site are mentioned with the permission of the respective proprietors of the right to trademarks, patents and/or copyright; SAGAT is in any case willing to regularize, with the suitable references, any shortcomings that have passed the editorial office’s control unnoticed.

Use of the material published

The documents, images, film footage and any other archive contained in the site in any format whatsoever can be downloaded only for personal and not commercial use: therefore nothing, not even in part, may be copied, edited, distributed or sold for profit. Any uses in the commercial field may be possible with the prior request for permission to be sent even only by e-mail to the address

Publication on other sites (except for those with commercial purpose for which the previous information applies) of this material, even only in part, is allowed only if accompanied by the clear mention of the source, expressly inserting, at least, the link to the official address of the site of SAGAT

Use of the press releases

The releases issued by the Press Office of SAGAT S.p.A. can be taken up and published without any authorisation as an exception to point "Copyright".

Use of the site

SAGAT pays the utmost attention to the quality of the information published and is committed to ensuring that the data and information published on the site are always accurate and reliable. It can however occur that the information and data contain some inaccuracies, misprints or mistakes.

SAGAT undertakes to correct them promptly. In the event of consultations deriving from searches on engines outside the Turin Airport site, it is advisable to check their reliability navigating in the site through the available navigation systems (e.g.: internal engine, theme channels, etc...).

In no case may SAGAT be considered liable for damage of any kind caused directly or indirectly by access to the site, the incapability or impossibility to access it or for the use of the information it contains.

SAGAT reserves the right to change the contents of the site at any time and with no prior notice.


The foreign language translations present on the site are generally taken from language material published by SAGAT or entrusted to the care of specialised companies.

As everybody knows, translating is not mechanical, as it is necessary to consider, even more so in the case of a language spoken in several countries, a cultural localization of the contents. In this delicate process certain elements might have been inadvertently introduced or not considered, which if necessary you should please point out to the address given below.

Re-forwarding to external sites

SAGAT undertakes no liability with regard to the contents of sites to which access is possible through the links provided in the site itself, which are given merely as service to users. Their presence implies neither approval of the contents therein nor any form of assurance on the quality of their services or products.


SAGAT guarantees that the treatment of any data sent via electronic mail or electronic forms takes place in compliance with the UE GDPR 2016/679.

Privacy protection

The personal details provided for access to services are treated in compliance with the UE GDPR 2016/679.


The newsletter service is based on a voluntary subscription by users and follows the privacy regulations mentioned above. For problems and anything you would like to point out, please send an e-mail to the editorial address

Computer viruses

The SAGAT site has a routinely updated antivirus system: however, in view of the many varied ways of transmitting computer viruses and their rapid propagation, SAGAT undertakes no liability for any damage caused by the transmission of undetected viruses.

E-mails to the editorial office

E-mails sent to the editorial or generic addresses are re-forwarded to the offices concerned in the shortest time possible with a copy to the sender for due knowledge. Please bear in mind that it is not always possible to quickly determine the exact pertinence or retrieve all the information for a reply. In the lack of an answer, please consider the possibility that the e-mail has not been received because for instance it was filtered by the antivirus system.
At any rate, it is understood that SAGAT will respond to all complaints within 30 days.
SAGAT will not reply to emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive remarks.


For suggestions and comments concerning the website please refer to the address