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Fast Track

How to save time at Torino Airport

Choose the reserved access and save time at security controls

Fast Track is a reserved access to the boarding area through a privileged security controls.

Fast Track single access can be purchased by passengers for a price of 8,00€/per entry (VAT included).

Thanks to the installation at the Fast Track priority passage of an innovative X-ray device that allows the contents of hand luggage to be scanned in three dimensions, passengers using the fast track passage no longer need to separate liquids or electronic devices.

Tablets, PCs and smartphones, as well as liquids, aerosols and gels (such as water bottles, cosmetics and foodstuffs) can be left inside hand luggage, instead of being separated in special trays: this speeds up the passage time at security gates for passengers who choose Fast Track, improving the travel experience while meeting all the standards required for screening. For liquids exceeding 330 ml additional controls will be arranged.

In any case, security procedures stipulate that, depending on the response from the equipment and the security officer, it may be necessary to carry out further checks, including opening the baggage and carrying out targeted checks on certain items.

Fast Track single access can be purchased:

Fast Track is open every day from 05.00 to 21.00.

  • Online with debit and credit cards, Satispay or PayPal
  • Through the new Torino Airport App, that offers promotional rates;
  • To the General Ticket Office of the Airport with cash, debit and credit cards.
  • At the Fast Track desk via Pos (debit card, credit card or Satispay).

  • Next to the Fast Track desk using the dedicated Totem (payment by debit card, credit card or cash).

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Children under 12 years old are free of charge if accompanied by an entitled adult.

TORINO AIRPORT PASS holders can always use the Fast Track.

Fast Track is free of charge for airline card owners with boarding pass.

Important: The airline must have signed specific agreement with Torino Airport. Please ask information directly to the airline or to the travel agency.

For more information, please refer to ph. +39 011.5676361/362 or email to