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Who we are

SAGAT is the company that has been responsible for the management and development of Torino Airport since 1956.

The concession of the airport is managed by SAGAT until 2035, with the concrete possibility to extend it until 2055.

SAGAT S.p.A. shares are divided as follows:


  • 2i Aeroporti S.p.A. with 90.28%;
  • Tecno Holding S.p.A. with 6.76%;
  • Own shares 2.96%


2i Aeroporti S.p.A. is the majority shareholder of SAGAT since January 2013.


SAGAT S.p.A. manages the entire airport area and is primarily responsible for:


  • The planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructures related to air traffic (e.g.: runway and apron);
  • The planning, construction and maintenance of the infrastructures and buildings used by passengers and operators (air terminals with relative commercial areas, car parks, offices and installations);
  • The management of centralised infrastructures as defined by Law by Decree 18/99 (including loading bridges, baggage handling systems, airport IT and passenger information systems);
  • The activities carried out in the airport area, which are entrusted to other economic entities (including those who run restaurants, bars, shops, car rental companies, etc.).


SAGAT is constantly committed to:


  • Increase flight connections and the number of carriers so as to expand and improve upon the offer available to clients, as well as contributing to mobility and tourism development in Piedmont;
  • Diversify activities and revenue sources by increasing non-aviation area so as to guarantee a competitive offer which supports general airport development;
  • Improve the airport’s competitiveness through ongoing development of both business and leisure services;
  • Support processes which build upon Quality in order to guarantee and improve the level of services offered, in accordance with the technical, infrastructural and safety requirements stipulated in the current airport regulations and standards, so as to guarantee client satisfaction;
  • Continually improve internal efficiency by training and conferring responsibility upon staff of all levels, with particular attention to client services;
  • Pay particular attention to environmental issues so as to guarantee that the airport’s development follows a sustainable model, with a perfect balance between service expansion and protection of the environment.



Manage and develop all airport activities, including the infrastructures, in order to increase flight connections, generating the improvement of the entire economic and touristic framework of Turin and Piedmont.