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Fees and Charges

Annual Public Hearing 2018 of the Users 

In compliance with paragraph 5.2 of Model 2 regulating Airport Charges and Fees, the Company has published the “Annual Information Document” by October 1st 2018 in order to provide its Users with updates about the elements that contribute to the definition of airport fees into force from January 1, 2019, and in compliance with paragraph 6.2.1 of the ENAC Guide Lines LG – 2018/001 published on 5th October the “PRM Information Document” with all information as provided for the above mentioned Guide Lines on the definition of PRM fee for year 2019.

The public hearing with the Users was on 26th October 2018 at 10:30 AM at the registered offices of Sagat S.p.A. Strada San Maurizio, 12 -10072 Caselle Torinese – Room E.

For organizational purposes only, Users interested in partecipating at the public hearing are kindly requested to confirm their presence by date 2018 October 19th at the following address

Regulated Airport Charges

Fees and charges applicable to Torino Airport are regulated by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority). The downloadable document (through the orange box at the top right) explains in detail the fees pertaining to airport charges and the fees for the use of centralized infrastructures.


Latitude: 45° 12’ 09 " N

Longitude: 07° 38’ 58 " E

Altitude: 301,5 m

Area: 292 Ha

ILS category 3B (guaranteeing continuity of operations in 99.5% of cases)

ICAO category: 4E

Service schedule: H24

Radio aid: ILS SEL 4000 Cat.III B (head 36 GP), TACAN, LOCATOR, VOR-DME

Airport capacity: 28 movements/hour

Firefighting service ICAO category 9

Passengers/Cargo assistance for any kind of aircraft


Runway 36/18:

Direction: 002°/182°

Lenght: 3300 m

Width: 60 m

Surface: Bituminous conglomerate

Strenght: PCN 108/F/A/W/T



Overall surface: 116000 mq

Parking stands: 31


Main Terminal 57000 mq:

Yearly capacity: > 5000000 passengers

N° check-in desks: 49 (+ 6 reserved)

N° self check-in: 5

N° gates: 22

N° fingers: 6

N° carousel belts: 6 (+2 for oversize baggage)

N° baggage trolleys: 500


Remote Terminal 1700 mq:

N° check-in desks: 24


General Aviation Terminal 4700 mq:

Overall Apron surface: 21000 mq

Parking Stands: 10


Cargo Terminal 6000 mq:

Cargo Handling facilities available without limitations.

Fees&Charges process update 2016

Legislative Decree 24/1/2012, no. 1, converted with law 24 March 2012 no. 27, implementing Directive 12/2009/EC on Airport Fees, assigns the Italian Transport Regulation Authority (hereafter, ART) the tasks of economic regulation and supervision, including approval of tariff systems and levels of Airport Fees.

On 9/22/2014, ART published new tariff guidelines regulating the determination of the tariffs for the services offered exclusively by airport managers and the process of sharing the tariffs with the Airport Users.

The Fee Guideline Turin airport is Guideline 2 — for airports with passenger traffic between 3 million and 5 million annually.

SAGAT S.p.A., contractor handling overall management of Torino Airport, began the process of redefining the airport fees for the 2016-2019 period, with 2014 being the Base Year and 2015 being the Transition Year, drawing on the provisions of the “Guideline for the Regulation of Airport Fees for Airports with Traffic of between 3 Million and 5 Million Passengers/Year" (hereafter referred to as Guideline 2) issued by ART.

The reasons the system and the fees in force has been updated are essentially connected to the investment policy that the Management Company has undertaken and intends to undertake for the 2016-2019 regulatory period, as well as the desire to streamline and simplify the current fee structure.

The aim is to improve the set of services and infrastructure offered to Torino Airport Users and thus to raise the current standards in order to guarantee a constant increase in the Users’ overall satisfaction level.

The airport’s development policy was defined to be oriented sustainably in terms of both the environment and security, according to the highest standards for airport operations.

In accordance with the provisions of points 3.2 and 3.3 of Guideline 2, Sagat notified ART on 1st December 2015  of its plans to launch a User Consultation for the airport on 7 December 2015 regarding the proposed revision of Airport Charges for the 2016-2019 Tariff Period.

With the notification published by ART on its own site (here link), the User Consultation was formally opened.

The Torino Airport has prepared the “Documento di Consultazione” (Consultation Paper) which contains, in compliance with the provisions of article 4 of Guideline 2, the following information/documentation:

- Duration of the Tariff Period;
- List of the services and infrastructure supplied at the Base Year in consideration of the Fees and payments received;
- Overarching structure of the eligible costs and revenue at the Base Year in relation to the infrastructure and regulated services to which the Airport Fees are connected and evidence of the costs and revenue of the non-regulated activities considered together;
- Predicted developments in airport traffic during the Tariff Period;
- Application of the Methodology for calculating Airport Fees;
- Mechanisms and objectives for annual efficiency improvement proposed for the tariff period, and their impact on operating costs;
- Proposed Fees for the Tariff Period;
- Proposals to simplify and/or consolidate service packages;
- Proposed divisions of the Fees into sub-categories;
- Environmental quality and protection plan;
- Four-year operations plan;
- The airport structure’s current capacity and limits of use of the main infrastructure and airport systems existing as of the Base Year and predicted for the Tariff Period;
Investments for which incentive mechanisms are proposed;
- Costs expected to increase during the period to which the regulations apply.


Public Hearing

The first public hearing for Users took place on January 8th, 2016 at the headquarters of Sagat S.p.A., Strada San Maurizio, 12 -10072 Caselle Torinese.

A second public hearing for Users took place on January 22nd, 2016 at 10.00 AM at the headquarters of Sagat S.p.A., Strada San Maurizio, 12 – 10072 Caselle Torinese – Room E.


New charges proposal for period 2016-2019

Torino Airport announces that the consultation procedure for the new 2016-2019 airport charges has now ended.

In compliance with what is provided for by the Transport Regulation Authority framework “Model 2” at chapter 5.1.3, the undersigned Society has published on its website the final proposal according to which, following the public hearing which took place on 22th January 2016, an agreement was found with the airport Users, and herewith also declares that the consultation has officially ended.


Transport Regulation Authority Resolution No. 23/2016

On 9 March 2016, the Transport Regulation Authority (TRA) published on its own website (here direct link) Resolution no.23/2016 concerning the “Proposed revision of airport charges of the ‘Sandro Pertini’ International Airport of Turin – tariff period 2016-2019. Compliance to the Guideline no.2 approved by TRA resolution no. 64/2014”.

With reference to such Resolution, and in relation to its requirements, SAGAT S.p.A. has published on 11 March 2016 in the reserved area of its website the fee proposal resulting from the application of such requirements.

The public hearing for the Users, as mentioned in point 2(b) of the above Resolution, took place on 23 March 2016 at 10 p.m. at the Headquarters of SAGAT S.p.A., Strada San Maurizio, 12-10072 Caselle Torinese – Room E and ended with the hunanimity of all Carriers representatives about tariff proposal made in according with the remedial action required by the Authority in its resolution 23/2016.


Consultation Procedure Manager

The Consultation Procedure Manager is Salvatore Landolina– Chief Financial Officer and ICT Director.

For information and/or clarifications of any kind, you may write an e-mail to the address