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Fees and Charges

Proposal of charges revision for the 2020-2023 tariff period

Torino Airport informs that the Consultation Procedure relevant to the proposed revision of Airport Charges for the 2020-2023 tariff period is declared closed.

To this end, and in compliance with the provisions of the Transport Regulation Authority framework “Model 2” at chapter 5.1.1 point 3, on 21st October 2019 Sagat SpA published on the Airport website the final proposal of revision according to which, following to the public hearing of 16th October 2019, final agreement was reached with the Users Committee and the Consultation Procudure was declared closed.

The new Charges apply from 01st January 2020.

The Transport Regulation Authority (ART), with Resolution n. 145 of November 20, 2019, approved with provisions the proposal of SAGAT SpA to revise Airport Charges  validated by the Users Committee.

Torino Airport, in accordance with the provisions of the Transport Regulation Authority as per Resolution n. 145 of November 20, 2019 amended Airport Charges as detailed in the explanatory document attached.

Annual Public Hearing 2022 of the Users

In compliance with paragraph 5.2.1 of Model 2 regulating Airport Charges and Fees, the Company has published the “Annual Information Document” by September 30th 2022 in order to provide its Users with updates about the elements that contribute to the definition of airport fees into force from January 1, 2023, and in compliance with paragraph 6.2.1 of the ENAC Guide Lines LG – 2018/001 has published the “PRM Information Document” with all information as provided for the above mentioned Guide Lines on the definition of PRM fee for year 2023.

The public hearing with the Users is scheduled on 25th October 2022 at 11:30 AM at the registered offices of Sagat S.p.A. Strada San Maurizio, 12 -10072 Caselle Torinese – Room E.

To facilitate the operational organization, the users interested in participating are invited to confirm it within the 21th October 2022, at the address, and to provide as well the name of the representative who will participate in the meeting, who should have suitable powers for the countersigning of the minutes (Proxy signed by the legal representative).


The annual hearing can also be followed via web. Therefore, we invite the interested parties to specify in the above email whether their participation will be in presence or via web (in this case, please provide also the email address for the online meeting).