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Fees and Charges

Airport Users' Consultation Procedure

Launch of Torino “Sandro Pertini” Airport Users' Consultation Procedure for:

  1. Annual information regarding 2018 and 2019 (forecast) years;
  2. Airport charges revision proposal for the 2020-2023 period;
  3. Service Level Agreement (SLA) proposal for the 2020-2023 period;
  4. Reduced Mobility Passengers fee proposal for the year 2020.


Conditions for access to confidential documentation

Throughout the Users' Consultation Procedure we will be putting at your disposal all the confidential documentation through the reserved area.

Users interested (*) in receiving information, clarifications, refinements and/or to access to the confidential documentation are kindly requested to proceed according to the following instructions:


  1. Send an e-mail request to the following address: together with the NDA, duly completed and signed;
  2. Wait for an e-mail with credentials to be entered in the appropriate box of this section in order to access the documentation (Bologna Airport reserves the right to refuse to send these credentials in justified cases: i.e. users not qualified as interested parties);
  3. Form of proxy to attend the general meeting;
  4. For any information and/or clarification, send an e-mail to

(*) Interested User: under the "Model", means any person or entity that is entitled to the carriage of passengers, mail and/or freight to and from the airport in question. In particular, interested users are airlines (scheduled, charter, Private Aviation, cargo, etc.) which represented at Torino Airport more than 0,01% WLU in the Period: summer season 2018 and winter season 2018-2019.