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Safety Management System

The Safety Management System is a management system for airport operations, whose essential purpose is to prevent accidents and incidents.

It is based on a systematic, explicit and all-encompassing approach that involves Company’s organisational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and tools to implement the company’s policy and the related safety targets.
Assuming that hazards and risks are intrinsically connected to airport operations and that accidents and incidents are the last result of a combination of unsafe acts and latent conditions, just a proactive management – based on the promotion of a positive safety culture at all levels – can lead to an early identification of hazards, to a reduction of latent risks and to a successful prevention.

The SMS is a dynamic tool, that ensures the monitoring of safety performances and aims to their continuous improvement.

The reporting of occurrences that could directly or indirectly have led (or had effectively led) to an accident or an incident is one of the key element of Safety Management System.

All employees and airport operators have the formal right and the legal responsibility to report any event which has or would have endangered the safety of people, aircraft, vehicles or infrastructures. Anonymous reports may also be submitted.

Safety reports can be submitted:


Safety reports shall be analysed to verify safety standards, to identify emerging risks and to implement mitigating actions, with the sole concern to prevent accidents and incidents and not to apportion blame.

SAGAT ensures that data are processed in accordance with the “Data Protection Law” and with Reg. (EU) n. 376/2014.


For further information please refer to:

Safety Manager
Ph.: +39 011.5676.437
Address: Safety Manager - SAGAT S.p.A. - Strada San Maurizio, 12 - 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO), Italia.

Safety Management System
Address: Safety Management System - SAGAT S.p.A. - Strada San Maurizio, 12 - 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO), Italia.