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SAGAT Handling

SAGAT Handling S.p.A. boasts 50 years of experience in the airport sector and provides handling services to airlines operating at Turin Airport.

In October 2001, following the liberalisation of ground handling services in EU airports, SAGAT S.p.A., the company managing Turin Airport, transferred the business unit responsible for providing ground handling services at Caselle Airport to its subsidiary (100%) SAGAT Handling S.p.A..

All services are provided in compliance with IATA rules and carried out by personnel with excellent training and extensive experience in all airport activities.

SAGAT Handling is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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Passenger Service

SAGAT Handling takes care of all ground handling services directly related to carriers' flight operations, with the aim of making operations easy, fast, efficient and safe.

The service includes:

  • Dedicated check-in also using company DCS.
  • Passenger embarkation/disembarkation.
  • Special services for disabled, unaccompanied minors and VIPs.
  • Search for misdirected baggage.
  • Management of operational irregularities.
  • Supervision.

Aircraft Assistance

SAGAT Handling deals with all ground handling services directly related to the flight operations of carriers, including private aviation, with the aim of making operations easy, fast, efficient and safe.

It is able to serve over 100 different types of aircraft using the most modern equipment for ramp services.

The service includes:

  • Crew management.
  • Centring.
  • Flight documentation.
  • Marshalling.
  • Transport of passengers, crew and baggage.
  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Aircraft towing.
  • Cleaning, toilet and drinking water services.
  • De-icing.
  • Supervision.

Cargo and Postal Service

SAGAT Handling provides a wide range of dedicated services to meet the most diverse needs of airline customers.

Accessibility and logistical advantages

  • Turin airport is located in a strategic area of Western Europe, at the centre of important communication axes (Geneva/Genoa and Verona/Lyon/Marseille).
  • Turin Caselle is 16 kilometres from the city centre and has a direct connection to the motorway network that allows rapid access to the most important locations in northern Italy, southern France, Spain and, through the Frejus Tunnel, all of central and western Europe.

Competitive advantages

  • Aeronautical pole capable of attracting foreign investment for industrial location
  • High quality services and capacity to handle large quantities of goods.
  • Facilities perfectly capable of handling significant cargo traffic.
  • Personalised assistance to client companies.
  • Investment in infrastructure and facilities for traffic development as required by the market.

Operational advantages

  • Cargo and Customs service available from 08-18 hrs with availability for extension
  • 3,300-metre runway equipped with state-of-the-art radio assistance facilities (Cat. 3B).
  • High service standards. Trained and experienced staff.
  • Cargo handling for all types of aircraft.
  • Turnaround 3H for loading/unloading a B747-Freighter.
  • Facilities with immediate access to dedicated parking on the runway.
  • Uncongested traffic. Reduced cargo shipping/receiving times.
  • Goods collection point in Milan (with the possibility of palletisation) with shuttle transport to Turin.


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