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Training services

Training activities
SAGAT S.p.A. supports the professional development and skills enrichment of the Group through an annual training plan, fostering innovation processes and, meanwhile, satisfying new needs in term of cost control and rationalization.

SAGAT provides training through its own internal trainers and external training companies chosen according to professional and methodological excellence principles, taking into account ISO 9001, IATA, IOSA and ISAGO standards and in accordance with the Airport Manual and Regulations of SAGAT S.p.A..

With the entry into force of European regulation 139/2014, SAGAT is also entrusted with the task of constantly verifying skills of Torino Airport’s operators.

The Team
SAGAT Training staff is part of Human Resources Division and consists of professionals aviation sector with strong expertises in every sectors of the current airport business. The trainers themselves has to keep abreast through a continuous updating of knowledge.

Training Staff are involved in several activities: from analysis of airport’s employees training needs to the preparation of the company’s training plan, from the editing of internal textbooks to the supply of training to internal and external staff, from the organization of internships to the support of the operational services during airlines or ENAC audits.

Training is supplied in traditional and innovative ways with classroom lectures, practical training, training on the job or e-learning.

The Training Centre
The Centre is equipped with hardware, software, audiovisual tools and learning material.

During 2016, SAGAT S.p.A. and SAGAT Handling employees, included temporary workers and subcontracted companies, have attended 2.230 training courses and 5.425 hours of class lecturers, involving 3.964 attendees, an increase compared to 2015, and reaching a total of 18.138 hours. 
Among these courses, the in-house training carried out 1.363 courses for 2.892 hours of class lecturers, involving 2.218 attendees for a total of 9.001 hour/employee; whereas, external trainers carried out 867 courses, involving 1.746 attendees for a total of 9.135 hour/employee.

Types of courses
The Training Office handles different types of training courses, mostly technical and professional and concerning occupational safety and health (D.Lgs 81/2008), safety (considering the new EU Regulation 139/2014), security (ENAC and CE Regulation 185/2010), Human Factor, refuelling operations and air transport of passengers with reduced mobility, ISO 9001 Quality procedures.

Basic or constant updating technical and professional training represents 54% of 2016 training hours, followed by safety (24%) and security (20%).

Professional Courses
Among the professional courses carried out by SAGAT employees, there is an incidence of courses for SAGAT Handling both for Passengers Check-in Area and for Ramp-handling Area. More specifically, the Training Office carries out training on dangerous goods handling, driving in ramp, aircraft weight and balance, turnaround coordination, passengers check-in procedures and preparation of load unit.

Safety Courses
In compliance with the provisions of the law T.U. D.Lgs. 81/2008, SAGAT carries out qualification and certification courses for fire-prevention responsible (high risk), first aid responsible and courses for managers, employees, administrative and operating personnel with external teachers. The specialist training or recurrent training on prevention and occupational safety are in charge of SAGAT’s teachers.

Courses for External Companies
The SAGAT Training Office provides external companies’ employees that work in Airside with base and updating courses for the acquisition of airside driving permit and on Airport logistics to deeply understand its mode of operation.

Ways of teaching
In addition to the traditional class lecturer led by a teacher with learning material and final text, SAGAT offers on-job and e-learning courses, through a on-line platform managed directly by the Training Office.

Every year, SAGAT offers dedicated internships in various sectors of the company. The Training organisation deals with corporate offers, from their presentation to university job placements and all necessary training support.

External Academic Activity
The Training Office carries out the training for any external private company working at the airport, including public authorities.

The airport personnel who receives training from the Training Office of SAGAT exceeds 3.300 people.

The Training Office offers training to the Aeronautical Institutes of Turin area.

The Training Office is located in Strada San Maurizio, 12 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO) – Italy.