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Training services

Training activity

For several years SAGAT S.p.A. has been supporting the professional development and enrichment of  skills of the Group personnel at any level, encouraging innovation processes and at the same time responding to new efficiency requirements with a view to controlling and rationalizing costs, through the drafting of an annual Training Plan.

The training is carried out using both in-house trainers and external training companies chosen according to principles of professional and methodological excellence, taking into account the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality certification, the indications provided by international and national regulations, by IATA, IOSA and ISAGO manuals and in compliance with the Airport Manual and the Airport Regulations SAGAT S.p.A.

With the entry into force of European Regulation (EU) 139/2014, SAGAT has constantly to verify the skills of all airport operators of Turin airport to which it lends its experience and knowledge to maintain training standards, required by the law itself.


The team

The SAGAT team dedicated to training is part of the Human Resources Department and is made up of professionals, with strong skills oriented to all the sectors of today's complexity of airport business. The trainers in first person are interested by a constant updating of their professional knowledge.

The Training Team's activities range from the analysis of the training needs of airport personnel to the preparation of the Company Training Plan, from the preparation of the internal Training Manuals to the organization and providing of courses for internal and external personnel, from the organization of internships company up to the support to operational services during audits carried out by the air carriers or by the ENAC.

Training, basic training and recurrent training are carried out in traditional or innovative ways with frontal classroom training, practical training, on-the-job training or by conducting on-line training courses, always within a dynamic business culture that puts resources at the center of the attention.


The Training Center

The high quality level of the courses, in line with the ENAC regulations and of the international bodies in charge, is also guaranteed by a computerized structure with hardware, software, audiovisual equipment and ample didactic material for the deepening of the topics covered.


The numbers

In 2018 the Training Office delivered 4,212 courses, for 8,269 teaching hours, involving 6,863 participants, for a total of 21,525 hours of attendance.

The courses carried out for the companies of the SAGAT Group were 3,078, while for the external companies 1,134 courses .

Also in 2018 the courses were provided in different ways. The frontal classroom training was the most used type (72.02%); e-learning training has registered a strong growth in the percentage of use compared to the previous year, reaching 22.68%.


Types of courses

The Training Office provides various types of training modules, mainly of a technical-professional nature and concerning aspects related to safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments), to safety (accotrding to new EU Regulation 139/2014 ), security (ENAC and EC 185/2010 Regulations), Human Factor, Supply Operations and Air Transport Rights of Passengers with Reduced Mobility, Quality procedures based on ISO 9001: 2015.

The basic technical or professional training or refresher courses play the main role on the training hours provided, followed by safety training and security training.


Professional courses

Among the professional courses carried out by SAGAT Training , the incidence of SAGAT Handling courses is noted, both for the Passenger Acceptance Area and for the Ramp Aircraft Assistance Area. Specifically, courses are provided on how to handle dangerous goods, on driving in the ramp area, loading and balancing aircraft, coordinating aircraft ground turnaround activities, passenger acceptance procedures and setting up cargo loading units, providing theoretical and practical preparation in compliance with the regulations.


Safety courses

In accordance with legal regulations contained in Legislative Decree 81/2008, SAGAT carries out training and certification courses for its staff in the role of Fire Prevention Officer (High Risk), First Aid Attendant and courses for Executives, Supervisors, Employees and Administrative and Operational Employees, through external teaching. Training on the subject of occupational health and safety is carried out internally by the company Prevention and Protection Service.


External Business Courses

For the personnel of companies and external companies that work within the Airside area, SAGAT Training carries out basic and maintenance courses on the safety of operations in the Airside area, and the enabling of the Airport License, essential to be able to drive any vehicle inside the airport, as well as training on Airport Logistics, which covers the operation of the "airport machine" in all its aspects in a complete and thorough manner.



SAGAT annually offers the possibility of internships in the various company sectors. The Training Office is responsible for collecting company proposals, from their presentation to university job placements and all the necessary support activities.

The Turin Airport Training Center is located at the airport in Strada San Maurizio, 12 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO) - Italy.