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SAGAT's commitment to Quality

Quality Policy

The SAGAT S.p.A Quality Policy establishes the essential elements of our vision and testifies to our commitment to constantly improve company performance and the level of services offered to passengers.

The priority objectives that SAGAT S.p.A. aims are:

  • to provide excellent services in airport management   activities, interacting with commercial and institutional   interlocutors in a dynamic and reliable manner;
  • to exercise our supervisory role with authority, ensuring the quality of the "airport system" as a whole by raising awareness and, where necessary,intervening in relation to airport operators;
  • to make the company organization more and more efficient through the training and updating of human resources, spreading awareness on Quality issues, periodically verifying their effectiveness;
  • to assiduously monitor the indicators of the Quality provided and perceived, also in terms of benchmarks with other airports, not only to keep the level of services under control, but also to seize new opportunities for improvement;
  • to operate in strict compliance with the current legislation on Quality Services and in accordance with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Quality management UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

SAGAT S.p.A. is certified according to the latest version of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

As well as satisfying regulatory requirements, the Company has to combine the success of performance with the creation of value, as airports and their catchment area play a crucial role in the value chain.

This confirms SAGAT S.p.A. commitment to providing services in line with the highest international standards, as a further guarantee for our customers and, more generally, for all our stakeholders.

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Service Charter

SAGAT was the first Italian airport company to publish, in 1998, the airport Service Charter.

The document, which became mandatory, contains a list of the service standards that passengers can expect while in the airport.

A quality grid has been defined by the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) in collaboration with representatives from airline companies, travel agencies, customers and the Association of Italian airport management companies (Assaeroporti), with the purpose of offering a view of the main aspects of the offered services.

The results of these activities and the reference standards are published in the annual Service Charter, in which you will also find the “Suggestions & Complaints” form.

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