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The corporate governance structure of SAGAT S.p.A. is hinged on the following elements:


  • Corporate Governance System;
  • Accounting Auditing
  • Internal Control System;
  • Organization, Management and Control Model;
  • The Code of Ethics.
  • Corporate Governance System
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Corporate Governance System

The governance system of SAGAT S.p.A is based on the co-existence of the Shareholders’ Meeting, of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Statutory Auditors. The main functions of such bodies are regulated by the prescriptions pursuant to the Corporate by-laws.

Accounting Auditing

The Company is audited by an auditor, i.e. an audit firm enrolled in the Register held at the Ministry of Justice.

Internal control system

The structure of SAGAT's Internal Control System, as set out, has provided reasonable assurance that the Company is not hindered in achieving its business objectives by reasonably foreseeable circumstances.

The main components of the Internal Control System of SAGAT S.p.a. are: 


  • The set of delegations and proxies and the internal organization;
  • ICT;
  • The administrative and operating procedures;
  • The Group Code of Ethics;
  • The Internal Audit Department.


Organization, management and control model

SAGAT, sensitive to the need to create conditions of fairness and transparency in conducting its business and corporate activities in accordance with the expectations of its shareholders and aware of the importance of adopting an internal control system capable of preventing unlawful conduct according to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/01 by its Directors, employees, representatives and business partners, has approved the Organization Model pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/01 and a Code of Ethics, setting up a Supervisory Body composed by three Members, chosen and appointed by the Board of Directors, endowed with requirements of autonomy, independence, professionalism and integrity required for the performance of their functions.

The management:


  • Elisabetta OLIVERI, Chairman;
  • Andrea ANDORNO, CEO & General Director;
  • Lorenzo GUSMAN, Operations and Maintenance Director, Accountable Manager;
  • Alberto SARTORE, Finance Director;
  • Riccardo MASUELLI, Human Resources Director;
  • Pietro Paolo PAPALE, Corporate, Procurement and Traffic Development Director;
  • Francesca SONCINI, Extra Aviation Commercial, Communication and Sustainability Director.

The Code of Ethics

The SAGAT Group has adopted its own Code of Ethics in order to clearly define the ethical and professional principles, responsibilities and commitmentsto which shareholders, operators and employees are required to comply in the conduct of business and corporate activities.

The Code of Ethics' principles - included in the excerpt attached below - should form the basis of the behavior adopted by customers and suppliers who come into contact with the group company.


All addressees of the Management and Control Organization Model are required to promptly report any violations  to the Supervisory Body, as well as any conduct that constitutes the commission of one of the offenses referred to in the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/01.

It is also possible to report to the SAGAT Internal Audit Service reasonable and sincere suspicions of conduct that constitutes a violation of the Code of Ethics, offenses or irregularities.

Anonymous reports can also be taken into consideration, only if they are adequately detailed. Reports based on mere rumors or suspicions will not be considered.

The Company grants the confidentiality of the reporting person's data.

The reporting agent can notify the Supervisory Body any conduct that constitutes an offense pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/01 or any violations of the Organization, Management and Control Model, through the following e-mail box: odv@sagat.trn.en.

The reporting agent may also use the IT Whistleblowing Platform, as well as to report the circumstances described above to the Supervisory Body, to report any violations of the Code of Ethics, offenses and irregularities to the SAGAT Internal Audit Service.