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Noise monitoring

Tools to monitorate noise

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The Airport Noise Monitoring System of Torino Airport comprises 8 fixed and one mobile noise monitoring stations and a computer system for processing noise measurements and correlation of these with flight radar tracks.

SAGAT guarantees correct functioning of this system which permits recording of the noise generated by aircraft landing and taking off from the airport.

The data recorded by the system are processed and then suitably organized in reports which are transmitted to the Airport Commission to support its activities.

The entire system is inspected periodically by Arpa Piemonte.

The Airport Noise Monitoring System permits:

  • Calculation of the noise indexes established by Italian legislation (LVA – Level of Airport Evaluation);
  • Checking of the acoustic impact simulation models with INM software;
  • Checking of compliance with noise prevention procedures;
  • Management of relations with the community via the “Noise Complaints” communication system.
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