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Slot request

Informations e coordinate

According to EC Regulation 95/93 and 793/2004, SAGAT S.p.A. remind Carriers that Turin Airport is a “coordinated airport”.

Therefore,  prior to operating commercial flights with aircraft having capacity of more than 19 seats or cargo aircraft (positioning flights included), carriers must request slot assignment to the Italian Airport Slots Coordinator “Assoclearance” (Telex Sita: ROMSPXH – Email –  Mon -Fri 0900-17.00).

We remind that, beyond Assoclearance office times (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00), Carriers have to notify their slot requests or modifications to SAGAT, the Turin Airport Operator, SITA address: TRNOWXH – TRNSTXH – TRNKCXH.

All general aviation flights, aerial work and commercial flights (aerotaxi) operated with aircraft having capacity up to 19 seats must request prior authorization (PPR-Prior Permission Required) to the airport operator (SAGAT SpA) to operate at the airport of Turin, at least 2 hours earlier than the estimated time of arrival (ETA), by entering the GASM Reserved Area. For further information, see the “General Aviation” page.

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