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Pila Bike

At Turin Airport you can recharge your smartphone by pedaling. The first four Pila Bike models were installed in the Boarding Area of Turin Airport, a project resulting from the synergy between Turin Airport, Pradella Sistemi and Turin City Lab.

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The idea stems from the need to satisfy a widespread need at the airport, namely the need to recharge your device, be it a smartphone or PC while traveling.

The heart of the project is Pila, a universal charger for USB devices appropriately connected to eco-bikes: by pedaling it is in fact possible to carry out a quick recharge and create an ecological generation of energy sharing. All conveniently in the Airport Boarding Area, waiting for your flight, with a pleasant view of the runway.

Pila Bike has 4 charging stations, anchored to the floor and activated by pedaling: the structure, which also offers a support surface and electrical sockets, is available to passengers who simply want to recharge their device or do a little of movement while waiting for the flight, accumulating the energy produced and sharing it with other passengers.

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