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At Ski Terminal (Remote Check-In Terminal), between Multi-Storey Car Park and railway station

Torino Airport provides the rapid anti-Covid-19 monitoring service on a voluntary basis to all citizens (passengers and non-passengers).

The structure, created with Air Medical and in collaboration with ASL Città di Torino, provides the entire community with a paid service aimed at reducing the risk of spreading the pandemic from Covid-19 through the performance of serological tests with results issued in 10 minutes or rapid antigenic swabs with results in 15 minutes. Also available to citizens molecular PCR swabs with reporting in 2 hours.

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Monitoring at Torino Airport is carried out through a Covid-19 IgG / IgM serological test, or through a rapid antigenic swab.

It is also possible to perform the Molecular Swab RT-PCR with reporting in just 2 hours. The service is ensured through the presence of two biologists who will carry out the analysis directly in the laboratory set up on site.

In the event of a positive result from rapid monitoring, passengers are immediately given a nasopharyngeal molecular swab at the airport at no cost to the user.

Non-passengers can choose whether to immediately carry out molecular swab for a fee at the airport or to contact the national health system.

Thanks to a special agreement, signed between ASL Città di Torino, Air Medical and Torino Airport, all data relating to passengers collected by the Covid Test Point will be made available to the health authorities and used for statistical purposes, to understand and monitor the development trend of the Covid-19 epidemic.


The Covid Test Point of Torino Airport located at the Ski Terminal (Remote Check-In Terminal) is open from Monday to Sunday, from 8.00AM to 7.00PM.

All those wishing to use the service must book in advance on the Air Medical website at the link

Passengers arriving/departing to and from Torino Airport can spontaneously access the Covid Test Point with their travel document, or they can book in advance on the Air Medical website at the link

It is preferable to book in advance by telephone on the number below.

Telephone: 011.9962563


Covid Test Point customers can leave their car at the Kiss & Ride Parking, with dedicated rates.

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For cash payments, the automatic pay machines are available at Level 0 of the Multi-storey Car Park, or users can pay at the Parking Office located at the exit barriers of the Multi-storey Car Park.


In addition to being able to make a reservation, by logging in to the portal it will be possible to:


  • Find answers to the most common questions in the dedicated FAQ section.
  • Select the departure airport (Turin or Bologna).
  • Consult the section dedicated to KLM passengers and make a pre-registration directly from the calendar, which will indicate all scheduled KLM flights. This will facilitate the check-in procedure at the time of the execution of the rapid pre-boarding buffer as well as avoid gatherings and dispose of passengers before the check-in is closed.


We also remind you that passengers on departing KLM flights will be reserved the time slot from 08:00 to 10:45, exclusively dedicated to them for the execution of the mandatory rapid swabs within 4 hours of departure. . Users after pre-registering will receive confirmation notification and the above information.