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COVID-19: all the info for travelers

Turin Airport awaits you in complete safety: below is all the useful information for your trip to and from Turin.

For any specific information we remind you to consult the "Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ" section on the measures adopted by the Government and the dedicated section on the Viaggiare Sicuri website.

We remind passengers that, in accordance with current legislation, to access the tables of restaurants and bars it will be necessary to have and show the Green Pass to operators.
On the other hand, it will not be required for the take-away service and for consumption at the counter of bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

We also recall that the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask on domestic flights remains, while surgical masks may be accepted for passengers from other destinations.

For departing international flights it is strongly recommended to use the FFP2 mask.

The use of a surgical mask is strongly recommended inside the airport.

Departing passengers

All passengers embarking on flights on which the distancing is waived are required to deliver the COVID-19 self-declaration to the carrier.

According to current regulations, all passengers departing on domestic flights are not required to present a Green Pass.

All passengers departing on international flights are required to present the Green Pass if the country of destination requires it.

ATTENTION: Failure to comply with health regulations and failure to complete and deliver the required health documents could result in non-boarding.

We invite departing passengers to check the documents required for entry into each individual state on the website

Domestic flights

According to current regulations, all passengers departing on domestic flights are not required to present a Green Pass.

Passengers are reminded to fill in the COVID-19 Self-Declaration to be delivered to the carrier before departure.

We remind you to check any additional provisions by the regions of destination, by contacting them directly or by visiting their respective websites.


Before leaving, it is advisable to check the regulations of the country of destination.
If you are heading to a European country, you can also find information on the Re-open EU portal.

We inform passengers departing to the United Kingdom that, according to current legislation and regardless of whether or not to carry vaccine, it is not necessary:

  • Fill in the passenger locator form before travel
  • Submit a swab with negative result to the COVID-19 test before departure
  • Quarantine on arrival.

These rules are also valid for transit passengers in the United Kingdom

For more information, please visit the GOV.UK website.

Arriving Passengers

According to current regulations, entry into Italy from abroad will be permitted:

  • By presenting the basic COVID-19 green certifications to the carrier at the time of boarding and to anyone appointed to carry out the checks, showing one of the following conditions:

- Have completed the prescribed vaccination cycle anti-sars-cov-2.
- That you have recovered from COVID-19
Having undergone a molecular or antigenic buffer carried out prior to entry into Italy and the result of which is negative.

In case of entry into Italy, without having presented a valid certification, it is mandatory to undergo 5-day fiduciary isolation, with the obligation to undergo at the end of the 5-day fiduciary isolation an additional molecular buffer.


From abroad

Children under the age of six years are exempted from performing the molecular or antigenic test.

National and international departures

Children under the age of 12 are exempted from submitting the Green Pass, without prejudice to any additional documentation explicitly requested by the foreign country of destination.

Before leaving, it is advisable to check the regulations of the country of destination.

What is the green certification

The COVID-19 green certification was created to facilitate the free and safe movement of citizens in the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proof that you have been vaccinated or tested negative or cured of COVID-19. The Certification contains a QR Code that allows you to verify its authenticity and validity.
In Italy, the Certification is issued exclusively through the National Platform of the Ministry of Health in both digital and paper format.

  • Basic Green Pass: COVID-19 Green Certification for vaccination, recovery, rapid or molecular antigen test with negative result.
  • Enhanced Green Pass: COVID-19 Green Certification only for vaccination or recovery. The strengthened green pass does not therefore include carrying out a rapid or molecular antigen test.

It is specified that the SARS-COV-2 vaccination exemption certifications are not allowed on international flights. The same, however, can be used for domestic flights.


For any exemptions or frequently asked questions, please consult the dedicated section of the website