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People with reduced mobility (PRM)

The terminal has been designed with particular attention towards people with special needs (disabled, ill, blind, vision impaired, injured or elderly people), in order to allow them to enjoy all the airport services.

The functional model of the travellers flow is organized on separate levels, the upper floor being the departures area and the lower level the arrivals area. The internal vertical connections are guaranteed by elevators, all equipped with acoustic security sound devices.

In the Departure hall the passengers turn in their baggage at the check-in desks, by placing them on a small platform. The hall is a wide, airy and bright area and the floors are not slippery.

The Arrival hall is wide and comfortable. This is where aninfirmary can be found with medical personnel 24 hours a day (ph. +39.011.5676205).
In the baggage claim area the baggage conveyor belts are equipped with a security device, and enable easy baggage recovery.
The shopping areas are well-sized and next to one another in order to help to minimize movements. There are disabled restrooms in the airport.

They are located in different points on the departures and Arrival floor, and in the service/restaurant area. Furthermore, a touch-sensitive route for visually disabled users is available at both Arrival and Departure passenger areas (plus surrounding external areas) of the airport, as well as the tunnel linking the airport terminals to the railway station.

The route and accompanying touch-sensitive map guarantees visually disabled users full access to information desk facilities, ticket desk, check-in area, the courtesy room and bathroom facilities. 
Torino Airport is equipped with a Multistorey car park, located right in front of the air terminal.

The car park building is directly connected to both the Departure and the Arrival areas by a covered passageway. There are no structural barriers. The pavements are easily accessible thanks to ramps.

Access into the airport is also very easy: there are 8 large entrance doors, 20 metres apart. Each is equipped with a security device.

To the aircraft

A special bus equipped with wheelchair lifts (ambulift) may be used for boarding operations of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility

The ambulift vehicle is equipped with a closed cabin which can be lowered to ground level and  raised up to the 5.5 meters of a Jumbo door, in order to provide easy access to wheelchairs.

Car park for the disabled

The Multistorey car park is fitted with 7 lifts, its own restrooms and 38 parking spaces for disabled drivers.

The reserved areas are situated on the second floor of the building, at the Departure level, next to the covered walkway.
For loading and temporary unloading, 8 spaces are also reserved along the airport roadway (4 on the Arrival level and 4 on the Departure level). One parking space is also available at the General Aviation terminal.

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