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EC Regulation 1107/2006,  in force since 26 July 2008, establishes a series of rules concerning safety and special assistance for disabled people and people with reduced mobility when travelling by air. In particular, the rules guarantee equal treatment for passengers with reduced mobility. Airline companies (or their agents or tour operators) are committed to accept bookings from such people and fly them from and to airports within the European Union, provided that they possess a valid ticket or flight booking.

Booking or embarkation may only be refused for safety reasons or if the dimensions of the aircraft or its doors make boarding or travel physically impossible. In this case, the airline company will immediately inform the passenger of the reason for the refusal and, if so required by the person concerned, formalise the matter in writing within five working days.

Any disabled passenger or passenger with reduced mobility that is denied to board will be offered a refund or an alternative flight by the airline company, for both themselves and their helper (if applicable).

The Regulations apply to:


  • All flights (scheduled and non-scheduled) departing to or arriving from an EU airport;
  • All flights (scheduled and non-scheduled) departing from airports situated in non-EU countries and arriving in EU airports, in the event that the airline company operating the flight is from an EU country.


The EC Regulation 1107/ 2006 establishes that, as of 26 July 2008, all airports must adapt to the new European standards concerning accessibility of air travel to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.

Torino Airport is responsible as Airport Operator for providing this service.

SAGAT S.p.A. - Torino Airport

Strada San Maurizio 12 - 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO) - ITALIA


How to request the service

To receive assistance as per the new Regulations, the passenger must contact the operating airline at least 48 hours before the published departure time of the flight. The carrier must then book the service by contacting the Airport Operator (SAGAT S.p.A.) at least 36 hours before the departure of the flight.

Special assistance


Passenger  who is able to walk short distances and climb stairs.
For longer distances a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance
is requested.

Passenger  who is able to walk short distances, but cannot climb
steps. For longer distances a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance
is requested.

Passenger who needs a wheelchair all the time, including on board.

Deaf, hearing-impaired, or deaf-mute passenger who need assistance
during the journey.
Blind or visually impaired passenger who needs assistance during the journey. 
Deaf or visually impaired passengers that require an accompanying person.
Disabled Passenger Needs Assistance. Passenger who needs assistance during the journey due to a mental disability.

Booking the service is the exclusive responsibility of the airline company.
If more than one airline company is to be used, it is advisable to request assistance from the carrier with which you will begin your journey, so that you will receive assistance during every stage of your journey and during transfers to connecting flights.

It is necessary to make sure that the passenger’s level of disability is specified for every stage of the journey.


Information about recommended times for arrival at the airport

The PRM that goes directly to the check-in must occur:

      1) At the appointed time and published by the air carrier or its agent or tour operator or airport operator, or
      2) If no time is showed, Regulation 1107/2006 provides for at least one hour before the scheduled departure time.

At Torino Airport , the special assistance service is provided by specialist personnel and can be requested through the following channels:


  • At the call points, which are activated directly by the passenger;
  • At the airline company’s check-in desk at the time of check-in;
  • At the information desk in the Departure hall (south side) next to ticket office.


Please note the service is free of charge.

In the case of failure to apply these provisions for assistance, the Passenger must apply to ENAC (the National Civil Aviation Authority), the body appointed by the Italian State to ensure the “respect of the rights of disabled passengers and  passengers with reduced mobility”.

For further useful information visit the European Union website.


For complaints related to the PRM assistance service Airport write:


SAGAT S.p.A. - Aeroporto di Torino

Strada San Maurizio 12 - 10072 Caselle Torinese TO - ITALIA

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