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-1.1°C | 30.02°F

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SAGAT Turin Airport in collaboration with ARPA Piemonte, the Regional Agency for Piedmont Environmental Protection, offers an experimental weather observation and forecast service devoted to Turin Airport.

Location: Aeroporto "Sandro Pertini" - Caselle Torinese (TO)
Latitude: 45° 11’ 31" N
Longitude: 07° 39’ 07" E
Altitude: 300 m. s.l.m.

The forecasts are issued and updated by 14:30PM every day for the next two days.

Data provided by the Forecast and Environmental Monitoring Area of ARPA Piemonte.

The data are not validated therefore checking the significance and caution in use is necessary.

ARPA Piemonte is not liable for any damage or problems deriving from improper use of the data published in this section.

22 January 2017



Today 22/01/2017 - h: 02:00

Temperature -1.1°C

Humidity 71.0 %

Pressure 994.9 hPa

Rainfall 0.0 mm/h

23 January 2017
24 January 2017