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Restaurants and italian bars

Boarding Lounge - all restaurants to take a break

All restaurants after Security controls

Autogrill Piazza Castello wine bar

Piazza Castello by Autogrill where the tradition of Italian coffee meets delicious menu sipping a nice wine while waiting for your flight.

Ph. +39 011-9961154

I'Amme - Mozzarella Bar

Local restaurant and italian bar with pizza, Mozzarella di Bufala and others italian deli. Take away service.

Ph. +39 011à-56769446

Giappo - Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Bar with 25 seats and take away (from 10.00AM / 8.30PM).

Ph. +39 011-56769439


Italian delicatessen

Departure Lounge

All restaurants BEFORE Security controls

Grill Restaurant

Starters, main courses, fresh salads and fruits, wines and drinks, perfect for lunch or dinner before departure or waiting for an arrival. A nice and colorful self-service, at the second floor of the Departure lounge, where you can see the planes.
Ph. +39 011-5676715

Briciole Bar

Italian cafè with a wide range of sandwiches and croissanterie; sale of italian and international products. Before and after check-in.

Ph. +39 011-5676715


Pinguineria Pepino

Ice-cream store.

Ph. +39 011-56769441

Arrival Lounge

All restaurants at ARRIVAL level

Autogrill TIME Cafè

The new bakery and coffee shop.

Ph. +39 011-9961154