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Turin Airport, managed by SAGAT, is an up-to-date structure that is able to provide users with a continuously improving range of services.It is well-connected to all major European hubs, and can be easily reached from any part of the world via an intermediate connection.
Easily accessible and congestion-free, the airport can handle an annual traffic of more than five million passengers, guaranteeing the highest standards of comfort and safety.

In 2008 and in 2007 SAGAT won the ACI Europe Awards for the best European airport in the 1-5 million passenger category, due to the high quality of the services provided.
Turin Airport therefore aspires to a prominent role in the European airport sector, and is ready to meet future.

How is the airport’s catchment area structured?

Turin Caselle Airport serves the Piedmont region, one of the most important areas in Europe in terms of population, resources and surplus value.
Many world-famous Italian and international companies are based in Turin and Piedmont .
Turin and its region, traditionally known for the automobile industry, have diversified their economic structure, moving increasingly towards sectors linked to research and innovation. Tourism has also benefited from this transformation, becoming a strategic activity for the development and promotion of the region whose jewel in the crown is the Venaria Royal Palace. Airports are a formidable asset for the economy and for employment in the surrounding areas. They also represent an important competitive advantage for the promotion of an area, increasing the capacity for competition.

What flights are available from Torino Caselle?

In 2012 the airport registered over 3,5 mio passengers.
Every week more than 400 flights leave Turin, provided by 16 scheduled airlines, enabling to quickly reach the most important cities in Italy and Europe, with convenient connecting flights for the rest of the world.
The airport provides direct flights to almost 33 destinations, 18 of which are international. The network is completed by the leading air charter companies and tour operators who offer services to the most prestigious holiday resorts in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Near East. During the winter season, the "Ski charter" sector also registers an impressive increase in the number of passengers, thanks to the flights that are provided for Italian and foreign skiers by leading tour operators.

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What are the characteristics of the Piedmontese airport?
The modern airport occupies a covered area of more than 57 thousand square metres, on three levels, and is characterised by the huge window, offering a view of the runway, that embraces the spacious boarding lounge.
The various floors are connected and there are no architectural barriers, facilitating the passage of people with disabilities, for whom dedicated services are also available upon request.
The spacious waiting areas, the expansion of the commercial areas and the new and improved seating facilities guarantee a high level of service. In addition to comfort, another of Caselle’s strong points is the speed at which the various operations are carried out, a result of the improvements that have been made to the airport’s facilities.

These include the baggage handling system (BHS), of around 13,800 sqm, equipped with highly sophisticated X-ray control equipment and capable of handling 3,200 baggages per hour, making the operation quicker and easier; the new terminal, located between the railway station and the multistorey car park, which has resulted in less congestion in the Departure lounge during the busiest periods;  the great number of hand baggage checkpoints, which contribute to the streamlining of security-related operations.
Lastly, Turin also has a wide general aviation terminal for private air traffic. Visually, the structure is very impressive: elegant, but at the same time modern and functional.
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