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SAGAT Training

SAGAT has invested in staff training and updating for more than a decade. Due to the specific nature of its work, the Group is well aware that personnel training is crucial for the development of internal professionalism and to help its partners work in accordance with airport regulations, integrating them into the company’s team.
The SAGAT Training team is part of the Human Resources department.

The team deals with the development and implementation of traditional and innovative training strategies within a dynamic business environment that focuses primarily on resources.

Airport Business Development & Planning Course

In the month of October 2012 SAGAT in collaboration with ACI Airports Council International run an important event for people involved in airport world.
The course examinated and analysed the issues and challenges of commercially developing in an airport: given the universal need for airports to grow their business whether to finance future capital expenditure and/or maximize shareholders value.

The Team

The company’s training team consists of professionals from the aeronautical sector who are experts in the many complex aspects of airport management. Their orientation toward proactivity and change means that they play a key role in helping the company to achieve its objectives.

The Training Centre

The actual training facility has been set up inside an old airport building that recalls the not-so-distant past. The centre has modern, multimedia classrooms, which are fully equipped for traditional, interactive and e-learning training courses.

Facts and Figures

In 2013, SAGAT held more than 1,000 different training courses, both directly, through its own internal Training and Refresher office, and indirectly, through external teachers and training companies. A total of 25,310 hours of training were provided for 3,194 participants, including 1,626 Group employees and 1,568 external persons.

The training plan scheduled for 2013will involve, overall, an even greater commitment.

Manuals and Study Aids

SAGAT training staff have compiled a number of employee training handbooks, which cover areas such as passenger assistance, crews, aircraft and general airport management. Over the last few years, they have prepared a large collection of manuals, presentations, procedures and operating instructions.

The training staff have focused primarily on the preparation of approximately 100 different professional courses and the relative handbooks. These courses can be grouped as follows:


  • General "airport" training courses, involving such things as knowledge of security and safety procedures when working in or around aircraft; courses for obtaining an Airport License, required for driving electric and motor vehicles inside the airport;
  • Passenger Assistance Courses, from passenger check-in with the various operating systems used by the main European carriers to the Lost & Found service, from reprotection to knowledge and handling of electronic tickets;
  • Aircraft Servicing Courses for Ramp Attendants, i.e. knowledge of standardised IATA procedures for aircraft servicing and supervision of loading/unloading operations, aircraft ground handling (marshalling);
  • Aircraft Balancing Courses in accordance with IATA recommendations, through knowledge and use of the operating systems used by the main European carriers;
  • Courses for Apron Workers, including knowledge and use of simple, special and complex aircraft servicing vehicles, from ground handling tractors to de-icing vehicles;
  • Courses for BHS Baggage Handling Workers;
  • Dangerous Cargo Courses (IATA) for the following areas: Passenger Check-In, Ramp Operations, Aircraft Balancing and Cargo Warehouse.


The length of courses varies from 1 day to 3 weeks. An examination will be taken at the end of each course, enabling participants to obtain the certification that is required for their particular job. Periodic refresher activities will also be scheduled when necessary.

Company trainers are constantly updating their professional knowledge and their curricula are proof of their expertise and talent.

Security e Safety

Commitment to health and safety in the workplace is an intrinsic part of the training programme. In light of the new regulations contained in Directive 81/2008, specific training initiatives have been organised for company personnel.

Airport Licence

All workers who drive a vehicle within the airport are required to train for an Airport License. The Training Centre acts as a driving school for workers, who will be awarded a legally valid license on successful completion of the course. The service is available for employees and for external companies who work within the Turin airport complex.

Internships and IFTS

Every year, SAGAT offers dedicated internships in various sectors of the company. The Training organisation deals with corporate offers, from their presentation to university job placements and all necessary training support.

Training Networks for IFTS

The Networks are groups made up of various institutes, such as universities, companies, public and officially recognised secondary schools, training agencies and research centres. They are entrusted, on a long-term basis, with the implementation of IFTS projects related to specific areas or sectors in their own field, in which companies have identified training needs connected to innovation and research.

In this context of economic development based on research and training, and in the spirit of the objective set by the Council of Lisbon, SAGAT participates in theAerospace Innovation Network (aerospace and innovative sectors of engineering) and in the Intermodal Logistics and Metropolitan Mobility Network (advanced logistics, integrated and sustainable mobility), offering courses and managing the Network itself within the Orientation, Scientific and Management Committees, when active collaboration in the Network’s activities is necessary.

External Academic Activity

SAGAT participates in external training projects in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, in the sphere of the Training Networks for the IFTS (Aerospace and Logistics); it collaborates with the University and Polytechnic of Turin, Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, the COREP and the ISTUD, offering internships and work experience to final year, graduate and postgraduate students and supervising the preparation of their theses.

SAGAT trainers were called upon to provide hours of tuition at the Turin Flying Institute for the diploma course in Aeronautics, as part of the alternative educational project organised by the institute itself.

Collaborations with Organisations

Constant contact with ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and ENAV (Italian Air Traffic Control & Management Authority) and the relative international bodies has helped to establish SAGAT as a both a training centre and a consultancy organisation for other airports.


The Training and Refresher Centre of Torino Airport can be contacted as follows:

Formazione e Addestramento (Training and Refresher)
SAGAT S.p.A. Turin Airport
Strada San Maurizio, 12
10072 Caselle Torinese (TO) - Italia